Dual Spike / Dual Luer Infiltration Tubing for Standard Pump

SKU: IT-10004-25

Total Cost: $300.00


Liposales’ has your anesthetic delivery needs covered with our Dual Spike Infiltration Tubing!

With one (1) male luer end and two (2) spikes for attachments, this sterile single-use and flexible latex tubing is meant to deliver tumescent fluid or anesthesia over a wide area of your patient’s body. The material ensures a continuous flow to minimize discomfort and maximize effects. You may purchase our tubing’s individually or in batches of twenty-five (25).

Each purchase of this product comes with:

  • One (1) or twenty five (25) 12-foot long sterile latex tubing’s, with dual spikes and it will be dual (2) male luer end

Liposales’ offers other products to be used with our infiltration tubing’s:

Weight4.5 lbs
Dimensions14 × 9 × 9 in

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