Dual Spike Infiltration Tubing for Standard Pump

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Liposales’ has your anesthetic delivery needs covered with our Dual Spike Infiltration Tubing!

With one (1) male luer end and two (2) spikes for attachments, this sterile single-use and flexible latex tubing is meant to deliver tumescent fluid or anesthesia over a wide area of your patient’s body. The material ensures a continuous flow to minimize discomfort and maximize effects. You may purchase our tubing’s individually or in batches of twenty-five (25).

Each purchase of this product comes with:

  • One (1) or twenty five (25) 12-foot long sterile latex tubing’s, with dual spikes and single male luer end

Liposales’ offers other products to be used with our infiltration tubing’s:

The lifecycle of our reusable products (canisters, cannulas, and accessories) is undefined and highly dependent on the frequency of use, preferred cleaning method, and storage conditions, among other factors. For other concerns, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Sterile Latex Free


Single Patient Only


1, 25


12ft length



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1 review for Dual Spike Infiltration Tubing for Standard Pump

  1. Dr. Vaughn

    This worked like a charm for my last patient, as she required multiple tumescent fluid insertions to truly
    numb her abdomen. The flexibility this tubing offers is immense, and something I now desire for all
    future usage. Will definitely purchase more!