Double Lumen Aspiration Tubing for NIL/Tickle Lipo Handle

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The Tickle Lipo experience just got better with our Double Lumen Aspiration Tubing!

If heavy duty aspiration is what you need, then Liposales’ double lumen tubing is the answer you seek. The double lumen end tip is built for extra suction power, compatible with Tickle Lipo accessories. Every session is sure to extract large amounts of unwanted fat. In addition, the latex-free sterile material ensures only the most efficient, clog-free flow.

Every purchase of this product comes with:

  • One (1) or twenty (25) pieces of thick walled sterile tubing; 12-feet long with double lumen tapered ends compatible with Tickle Lipo handles

The lifecycle of our reusable products (canisters, cannulas, and accessories) is undefined and highly dependent on the frequency of use, preferred cleaning method, and storage conditions, among other factors. For other concerns, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Sterile Latex Free


Single Patient Only


12ft length


1, 10, 25



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1 review for Double Lumen Aspiration Tubing for NIL/Tickle Lipo Handle

  1. Brad

    Well, this certainly made my high-volume liposuction sessions much, much faster than usual. The double
    lumen ends were very useful! Delivery came quickly as well, with not a single blemish on the packaging.
    Very well done, planning to order again.