Type 2 2000cc Canister Package

SKU: FC-52000

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Total Cost: $1,100.00


Save on space, time, and money with the Liposales’ Type 2 2000cc Canister Package!

The Type 2 2000cc fat collection canister fits perfectly within the stand, which also features detachable stainless-steel legs for a better storage profile. This allows the prominent display of both the top universal adapter and bottom drain port for a highly visible fluid flow. Drainage and waste collection is simplified with three available draining tubes for different connections – toomey, double barb, and luer stopcock. Every item is fully reusable and autoclave-compatible.

Each purchase of this product comes with:

  • One (1) Liposales’ Type 2 2000cc Canister
  • One (1) custom stand with stainless steel detachable legs
  • One (1) overflow cone
  • One (1) Large lid with universal aspirator tube coupler
  • One (1) Bottom Drain Hardware w/(2) O-ring
  • One (1) toomey connection drain tube w/large thumb clamp
  • One (1) luer stopcock drain tube
  • One (1) “Y” double barb connection drain tube w/(3) large thumb clamp
Weight2.6 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 9 in






Pressure Tested

Over -900mmHg



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1 review for Type 2 2000cc Canister Package

  1. Noah

    The stability of the stand is a first, personally. Big thanks to Liposales for creating this sturdy
    and incredibly life-changing and reliable stand!