Type 1 3000cc Canister Package

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Total Cost: $1,000.00


Heavy-duty fat harvesting is now made easier with Liposales’ Type 1 3000cc Canister Package!

Assembled to provide our surgeons with efficient long-term use, every item in our Type 1 3000cc Canister Package is tested for 100 autoclave cycles. Our aluminum stand stimulates fat seperation, as our patented drain tube makes drainage fast and easy. Storage and clean-up are made simple through an autoclave or conventional steam cleaning.

Each purchase of this product comes with:

● One (1) high-quality 3000cc fat collection canister with front luer
● One stand with legs
● One large lid with an aspiration coupler
● One drain tube with male and female luer ends

Liposales offers various other items to assist with your liposuction needs

Power-Assisted Lipo Handle designed for ease of fat extraction
Infiltration pumps and tubing designed for tumescent and fat re-injection
Aspirators and tubings designed for efficient fat extraction

Weight2.6 lbs
Dimensions15 × 12 × 9 in




Pressure Tested

Over -900mmHg





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1 review for Type 1 3000cc Canister Package

  1. Dr. Jamal Bullocks

    Thanks to the number of procedures I perform everyday, these easy-to-clean canisters are great timesavers. Put them on the autoclave for a few minutes and the items will be good as new, in time for my next patient. Very convenient.