Tissue Strainer for Canisters

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Preparing harvested fat for reinjection is now made simpler with Liposales’ stainless steel Tissue Strainers!

These reusable and sterile autoclave strainers are now made to fit all of our available canisters. This allows you to go from harvesting to washing in just a matter of minutes. The fine stainless-steel mesh ensures that only adipose fat and healthy stem cells remain for reinjection. Our tissue strainers are available in volumes of 500cc, 1000cc, 2000cc, and 3000cc.

Each purchase of this product comes with:

  • One (1) reusable stainless steel Liposales’ Tissue Strainer in the volume of your choice

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The lifecycle of our reusable products (canisters, cannulas, and accessories) is undefined and highly dependent on the frequency of use, preferred cleaning method, and storage conditions, among other factors. For other concerns, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


500cc, 1000cc, 2000cc, 3000cc


Stainless Steel



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1 review for Tissue Strainer for Canisters

  1. Eden

    The mesh is very, very fine and even after just 1 pass of straining, the remaining solution is more bereft
    of tissue than what I’m used to. It also makes sure no random tissue clings during clean-up, so washing
    and autoclaving is just a one-two step. I’m quite ready to order some more as backup strainers. I highly
    recommend these Liposales strainers.