Double Barb Connection “Y” Tube

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The Liposales Double Barb Connection “Y” Tube is Now Available for High Volume Fluid Transfer Operations!

The medical-grade silicone combined with the Y-adaptor allows this product to process fat with little to no clogging. Each purchase also comes with three thumb clamps, used to seal a part of the tube shut to redirect flow. One general-use and one double barb end enhances compatibility with multiple adapters, tubings, and pumps. This tube is fully reusable and autoclavable.

A purchase of this product comes with:

  • One (1) “Y” tube with one (1) double barb and one (1) general-use ends
  • Three (3) thumb clamps
Weight0.4 lbs




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1 review for Double Barb Connection “Y” Tube

  1. Melissa

    This one is a great tool for heavy-duty grafting.